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I love to share my passion & knowledge for the trails with others with my various camps, retreats, clinics & coaching services. There's a little bit for everyone!

***All camps and retreats currently on hold***



Want some 1:1 to better master the trails? Give me a shout! Whether you are looking for a one time session or a tailored training plan to prepare for a race, I'm happy to help. Different options to choose from.


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Interested in hitting the trails? Want to see what the hype is about? Or perhaps you're looking to brush up on your skills and learn how to zip down tricky descents, power your way up the hills, and jump over obstacles?

Trail Running Camps (co-ed)


There are 2 different camps: Get your Feet Dirty and Thriving in the Trails!  Whether you are new to the trails or wanting to get better, there is something for you! Currently on hold.

Women's Retreat


Treat yourself to a weekend away with other like-minded women who love to run and nourish their bodies and soul. This weekend is part training and part TLC. Currently on hold

Thriving Thru Menopause Retreat


Ladies!!! This weekend is all about learning how we work with, and not against our physiology during the menopause transition. This retreat will empower you with the knowledge, motivation and inspiration from others on how to continue being a bad-ass while embracing these years. Details to be announced soon.

Customized Camps


Have a group of like-minded friends and would like to arrange your own customized weekend (or weekdays)? Let's talk!!!! More details to be announced soon.

Workout Ideas


Looking for a little inspiration for some workouts to do on your own? Or some ideas when it comes to strength work or giving yourself a little bit of TLC? 

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