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"Jennifer is an amazing coach and I highly recommend her to either new or experienced trail runners. Her expertise is unique in that she is great at tuning into you as an individual and is able adapt a program that targets your specific needs. The best part is that she makes the experience fun! " -coached athlete Jennifer S

Coaching Options

Want some 1:1 on how to better master the trails? Just give me a shout! Whether you are looking for a one time personal coaching session, or a personalized plan to help prepare you for a goal race, I would be happy to help! Different levels of coaching available. 

Private consultation:

  • $60 per 1h phone consultation

  • $80 per hour in-person session; additional fee may apply for travel in the GTA 

One-Time Training Plan:

  • $175 for 12-16 week training plan (no ongoing consult or changes);

  • $225 for stage racing training plan

Dynamic Training Plan:

  • $150/month. Plans delivered every 1-2 weeks with consultation in between (plus one-time set-up fee of $60)​

Want more or less? Let's talk. And yes, I do coach road runners as well, including with the Toronto Harriers...but be warned that you might start to venture into the deep dark woods!

"I’d been trained by Jenn through my running club years ago and loved her calm enthusiasm and professionalism. She was a coach I responded well to at track workouts. During a tough year of health challenges, I decided to give her a call to help me back to fitness before surgery. Jenn has brought me back to a level of fitness that I didn’t think I’d see again. I’ve found her unique as coach in that she has taken an empathetic, holistic approach to coaching me. She takes the time to make sure that I appreciate the good days and encourages me to be kind to myself when things look tough. And this is on top of the excellent technical coaching I receive. Her workouts are challenging, varied and rewarding. It’s been almost 9 months since my surgery and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to work with Jenn." coached athlete Anu B.

"Jennifer has really helped me identify and work towards specific goals.  I am more disciplined in my approach to training, and it is showing up not only in my results, but also in my recovery time, injury prevention and overall enjoyment of running.  I have learned a lot about myself and about how to get the most out of running.  I really appreciate how responsive she is to my hectic schedule and sometimes irrational or spontaneous choices.  While having someone to be accountable to is important, I also love being able to share my challenges and successes with her." -coached athlete Esther

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