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Weekly Workout


Sometimes it can be hard to motivate yourself in doing a harder workout. Or perhaps you have the motivation, but are short on ideas. My goal is to provide a new workout here each week, in the hopes that it will inspire you to dig a little deeper and to get the most enjoyment out of the run.   


One piece of advice: please adapt the workout as needed so that it is appropriate for you and matches your level of fitness.  In other words, if you are new to harder workouts, begin with 50% or less of the volume and be kind to yourself.  If you have questions, please email me.   

ALWAYS begin with a warm up of about 15min of easy running followed by a few drills and strides. Cool down after is a must; your body will thank you tremendously!

Wk of May 4--Happy Hill-arious Hills Part 2

Main set:

  • Run steady/hard for 3-5min at the base of the hill, then continuing running straight up the hill trying to keep the same effort. 

  • Recovery is a slooooow jog down the hill, then an additional 1-2min of rest.

  • 3-5 sets depending on level of experience.

  • more experienced runners: loop at the base of the hill (for the 3-5min run portion) can have slight elevation changes to it. 


Additional Guidelines:

  • steady/hard effort around 10k race effort or slightly slower

  • Remember your form when running uphill:  small quick steps, lean slightly forward from ankles, look straight ahead with chest open and pump arms.

Wk of April 20--Happy Hill-arious Hills-Part 1


This workout is a progression from last week's Happy Hill-arious Hills Part 1.  Find a hill (paved or hard packed dirt trail free or roots or rocks) that takes about 60-90seconds to run up hard AND has a flat section at the base of the hill where you can run for 3-5min. 

EVERY runner can benefit from hill repeats....not just those who are training to run a race with lots of elevation. Hill repeats provide HUGE benefits that can make you a strongerfaster, more efficient and mentally tougher runner--this is why I often say "Hills are your friend."

But not every runner loves hills; some might even consider hills their "enemy." A lot of this stems from running them too hard and/or not knowing how to approach the hill. So this workout is intended to help you embrace the hills a little bit more, while getting in a killer workout.

For this workout:

  1. Find a hill (paved or hard packed dirt trail free or roots or rocks) that takes about 60-90seconds to run up hard.

  2. Ditch the Garmin---no need to be looking at pace; this is a perfect workout to go by feel and/or by time,

  3. Your recovery is easy jogging down the hill, plus a bit of time to hydrate. General run of thumb: recovery is 2x amount of time it takes to run up hard i.e. if you ran in 1min, recovery is 2min.

  4. Technique: small quick steps while leaning slightly forward (from ankles, not your waist). Look straight ahead while keeping chest open. Pump arms.

Main set:

  • 1 set includes 3 hill repeats as fast, faster, fastest-this gives you the chance to build your confidence and become familiar with effort level. This also makes workout more interesting (and less intimidating).

  • Repeat 2-4 sets depending on level of experience.

  • For more experienced runners: Don't stop at the top of the hill when finishing 3rd hill in the set--once at the top, continue running on flat terrain for about 10-15seconds. The tendency is to stop at the top---challenge yourself more by focusing on high leg turnover and work thru the " jelly legs"; this will have huge payoffs in a race as you zip by your competitors at the the top of the hill.


Additional Guidelines:

  • Yes this is hard effort but you should NOT be heaving and/or doubling over  at the top. 

  • Begin with about 5k effort and then progress faster for the next two in the set.

  • Smile!!! 

Wk of April 6--Going faster, faster, faster..

I like this workout because it a) gives a chance to practice pacing (how often do you start off too fast?) and b) allows you to dial in and explore your different gears.

For this workout, find a loop between 800-1000m that is relatively flat and minimal intersections. Gentle trails are good too. 

Main set:

  • 4-5 reps of the 800-1000m loop with 2min rest in between*



  • Goal is to run each rep a tiny bit faster (a few seconds/km) than the previous one

  • Start with approximately half marathon effort or a steady pace for the first one

  • Added challenge: avoid temptation to look at your splits/time DURING the workout. Still record each one, but look at the results AFTER the workout.  See how well your perception matches actual effort. 

  • Warning: if you start too fast, you will find this very challenging. 

*For beginners, aim for 4 reps of 800m. For more experienced, aim for 5 reps of 1000m.

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